Engineering Excellence

Born from Aerospace engineering principles, our systems have been designed from the ground-up to offer unprecedented reliability, scalability and accuracy.

True Independence

Our solutions deliver assurance from the subscribers perspective, offering a truly independent view of your network and service offerings - the way your customers see them.

Quick Results

Developed in partnership with global CSPs, our Risk Measurement Model enables us to assure financial KPIs pertinent to your current risk landscape and business strategy.

We've Got It Covered

Whether you're looking to assure your service offerings, revenue streams or demonstrate regulatory compliance, we have a suite of solutions that have been engineered from the ground up to offer accurate, reliable, independent results.

We deliver our solutions to some of the world's largest CSPs using our managed service model - delivered by our teams of dedicated experts, or via a product installation, backed up by our training, consultancy and support services.


Forensic Test Call Generator

Real-Time Test Call Generator

Independent Rating Validation

XDR Reconciliation Engine

Assuring Your Business

Today's CSPs are challenged with maintaining pro-active, up-to-date assurance strategies in an ever-changing risk landscape. Products and services are launched, updated and changed on a daily basis, which brings challenges in defining and maintaining a strategy that strikes the balance between covering key financial risk while being operationally achievable.

Our Risk Measurement Model (RMM), developed in collaboration with some of the worlds largest CSPs, provides a methodology for ensuring material risk coverage and a flexible framework of controls and KPIs. The adoption of RMM enables CSPs to capture material risks, independently measure business critical KPIs and provide succinct management reporting to facilitate decision making and strategic planning for the business.

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