Forensic Test Call Generation

Osprey is our Forensic Test Call Generation (TCG) solution that encompasses a strategic, risk based approach to Independent Event Generation (IEG). The system uses non-intrusive independent event generators and a targeted risk based framework to generate network traffic and replicate real subscriber activities.

The unique value of the solution is that it acts as a real, independent subscriber originating events through the operator’s network, offering five levels of independence:

  • Independent timing
  • Independent metering
  • xDR reconciliation
  • Independent tariff engine
  • Independent rating & billing engine

Independent xDRs are generated from test event data and can be reconciled with various network xDR types to highlight revenue impacting issues for the whole of the revenue chain.

Our solution is designed with scalability and flexibility in mind; it can be easily deployed on mobile and fixed line networks of any size providing rapid return-on-investment.

Osprey monitors KPIs and provides reports in the following areas:

  • xDR generation through switch / mediation
  • xDR flow through billing chain to invoice
  • Metering accuracy (set & maintained to ±100ms)
  • Rating & billing accuracy, including bundles & promotions
  • Rounding rules for both metering and rating
  • Switch timing accuracy
  • xDR transportation accuracy
  • RAN performance / availability