Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with imposed regulation is a constant risk for CSPs. Heavy fines for not proving compliance can be devastating to business in terms of revenue and brand perception. Independent tools are needed that deliver proof of compliance to the regulator with minimal drain on resource and time for the CSP.

Our BABT approved solutions offer unprecedented accuracy to enable CSPs to provide regulators with independent, accurate proof of compliance with any imposed regulation.

Forensic Test Call Generation

TCG solutions enable testing to be carried out to independently prove the accuracy of metering and billing across the network. Our BABT approved Forensic Test Call Generator provides a solid, scalable, accurate foundation for the delivery of compliance reporting for metering and billing.

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Real-Time Test Call Generation

When CSPs are bound by regulations around network availability and call success rate, network monitoring, results and reporting are needed in real-time. Our Real-Time Test Call Generation solution enables CSPs to demonstrate pro-active assurance of network performance monitoring and identify and resolve issues quickly with minimal or no impact on subscribers.

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