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Optimise business performance with end-to-end margin analytics and dashboard reporting


To clearly understand the profit margins that are earned through product sales and service usage. Within a telecommunications company it is common for data to be siloed within different departments, consequently making margin visibility a challenge.

The Benefits of Cost and Margin Assurance

Introducing cost and margin assurance is an excellent way to improve telecom business performance and optimise operational profits. With increasing market competition, the best time to assure this aspect of the business is now. To benefit the most from this assurance, the operator must analyse the margins at a more granular level.

New Products

The recommended approach to ensure that new tariffs or promotions are profitable is to be proactive. This can be achieved by checking the profit margins are within tolerance in a lab environment before the promotion is released.

Existing Products

Customer margin analytics enables the revenue assurance department to assess the impact of rising costs versus the increase in revenue due to fixed rate increases in addition to the CPI and RPI indexes. Cost and margin insights can be sliced by customer type, volume, services and tariff age. Easily identify which legacy tariffs are profitable and which are not.

International Calling or Messaging

The key factor to margin success here is controlling price mobility. Strong retail competition in some markets can drive a daily change in the retail cost to the customer. In order to maximise the marketing teams price mobility, they must know what percentage the profit margin is operating at in real time.

Roaming and Interconnect

The success and profit from one inter-operator agreement can easily be negated by the failure and losses from another. Using simple visualisations, marketing and finance teams are empowered to make key business decisions affecting profitability.

The approach to ensuring positive telecom margins is often determined by the risk area or department in question. Whether you are part of a revenue assurance, finance or marketing team, we are confident ImperiumTM can aid your business processes.

Ease of Deployment - ETL

Accessing the source data is often considered to be one of the most challenging aspects of deployment. In light of this, Imperium™ includes a dedicated mediation platform configured by our experienced inhouse engineering teams to keep the data extraction setup as simple as possible. The process of Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) is fully automated.

For more details on our setup process, request a product guide at the bottom of this page.

Assure Your Product Margins

Monitoring Line Chart

Uncover the true profit margins of your tariffs and bundles by utlising margin assurance across your products.

Non-technical users can easily build up an accurate reflection of a product’s margin contribution and understand the real cost of sales. These results can then be analysed and used to drive future business rule optimisations to improve product profitability.

Our solution puts you in control of product margin management, providing a pre-defined yet flexible risk control framework. For example, you can define the KPI thresholds and alerts that should trigger internal action. We offer the following KPIs for each product, for example:

  • Margin Score Per Product
  • Billing Platform Demographic Margins (Prepaid, Postpaid, Hybrid)
  • Average Margin Per User (AMPU)
  • Service Type Margin Performance
  • Destination Based Margin Scoring


By proactively incorporating ImperiumTM into your new product design (NPD) process, you can validate the profitability margin before you release to the market. With this in mind, we suggest that both revenue assurance and marketing teams utilise this functionality.

Flexible Services

Our solution is flexible. ImperiumTM analytics can be combined with TCG Roaming Testing for specific testing. Options are always available to suit your budget.

Our tools are flexible. Select the risk areas that matter to you.

Our services are flexible. For example, you can choose to let your own team run the system (with our support) or it can be run by our dedicated analysts as part of a fully managed service.

Assure Your Roamer Margins

As any mobile operator will know, there are large revenue opportunities resulting from international visitors (inbound roaming) and from subscriber travel (outbound roaming). However, there is a risk that roaming costs could outweigh roaming revenues if the usage margins are not assured.

Risk areas include:

  • Inter-operator agreements
  • Traffic mix
  • Preferred roaming partners
  • Agile roaming and international call costs


Ensure the profitability of your inbound and outbound roamers by including ImperiumsTM cost assurance module into your risk framework. Gain competitive advantage by obtaining valuable insights about operations and customers.

Whether you are part of a revenue assurance, finance or marketing team, we are confident that our roaming margin assurance services can contribute to your bottom line.

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